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  • Are my personal details shared with any other Islamic organization?

    Absolutely not. AMM doesn't share any of your information with any organization.

  • Can I register if I do not pray at all?

    No. AMM is for Muslims only and if you do not pray at all then you are not a Muslim and cannot register.

  • What if I only register and do not subscribe on AMM?

    If you only register and do not subscribe on AMM then you will only be able to use the basic features like - view full profile, like profile, boost profile, add user/s to your list of favourites, look at your ideal partner list, block/report user etc. You cannot send messages or send any type of requests if you haven't subscribed.

  • Why is the website logging me out?

    For security reasons, if you are idle on the website, which means you are not navigating on the website for a few minutes then you will automatically be logged out.

  • I forgot my password and I am not able to login. What should I do?

    You need to click on Login and then click on "Forgot your username or Password". Enter your email and a link will be sent to you.

  • I subscribed on the old website and my subscription is still valid, why do I pay again?

    You don’t need to subscribe again. Please send us your PayPal transaction ID of the recent subscription and we will grant you access on this website.


  • Who can see my profile?

    Anyone who has a registered account on AMM can see your full profile.

  • Can I edit my profile anytime?

    Yes, you may edit your profile anytime.

  • Can users see my First and Last Name or email address?

    No. No one can see your First and Last name or email address.

  • What is the Boost Profile feature on my profile page?

    It allows your profile to appear on the Home Page under Top Members. Only 20 profiles will be visible under Top Members at any given time. So, if there are 20 profiles already being displayed and you boost yours, the 20th profile will disappear and your profile will appear as the 1st and the 19th profile will shift to the 20th and so on.


  • What if I do not subscribe?

    If you do not subscribe on the website, you won’t be able to send messages to anyone.

  • Can I renew my subscription anytime?

    Yes, you may renew your subscription anytime.

  • Do I get my money back if I delete my account after subscribing on the website?

    No. Deleting your account is solely your decision.


  • What should I do if someone is sending me unnecessary messages?

    You can block or report that person and also send us a feedback via the contact form.

  • Can I contact a user from another denomination?

    No, you can only contact a user who has the same denomination as yours.

  • I’m having troubles sending message, as I am trying to, but the messages won't go through.

    You can refresh your browser as you must have left the website idle for more a couple of minutes. Logout from the website, refresh or reopen the browser, delete cookies and log in again. The messaging feature does not allow a lot of special characters while sending messages.


  • How can I do a quick search?

    You can click on the search button at the top and search users via: age, gender and location. Then, you will be directed to the search page, which will list all the users in that category. For detailed search, please go to the Find Match page and choose advance search.


  • What does blocking a user mean?

    When you block a user, that user cannot viewyour profileand cannot contact you.


  • Who can see my photo?

    Everyone, except members you’ve blocked.

  • Can I uploadmy photos anytime?


  • I uploaded my photo but now it has disappeared. What should I do?

    The reason why you can't view your photo after uploading it, is because AMM filter all the photos and deletes the ones which are not appropriate. You can upload another photo, which meets the Islamic guidelines.

  • If I upload a photo, will it be watermarked?

    Your photos will not be watermarked.


  • How can I volunteer for AMM?

    Go to contact us section and choose the option as "volunteer" and send us your expression of interest. If required, AMM will contact you Insha Allah.


  • How can I post a testimonial or write my success story?

    Click on the contact us form located on the footer and choose the relevant option from the drop-down menu and send us your message.

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